VeganMoFo – Day Two

VeganMoFo – Day Two


What is your go-to meal to impress? My go-to meal to impress is cheese! Cheese is one of the hardest dairy products to stop consuming. There have been studies that have shown the casein in dairy cheese has addictive qualities. The study stated that casein releases chemicals in your brain which can lead to the addiction.

This was certainly the case for me. It took me almost two years to stop eating dairy cheese. However, today there are SO many kinds of vegan cheeses crafted. You buy it sliced, blocked, cubed, shredded, or even a pre-made sauce. You can buy artisan cheese for special occasions and dinner parties. Just because you stop consuming dairy does not mean you stop consuming cheese (or meat for that matter). It just means you start exploring new kinds of cheese! They are not alternatives or mock products; they are cheese, just made with different ingredients. 

​The cheese plate I made consists of Miyoko’s Smoked Farmhouse, Field Roast Chao Coconut Herb, and Treeline Herb and Garlic. 

Miyoko’s Smoked Farmhouse
Treeline Herb and Garlic
Field Roast Chao Coconut Herb
Here are a few of my favorite vegan cheeses for you to try:
Miyoko’s Kitchen
Field Roast
Follow Your Heart
Kite Hill
Heidi Ho
Punk Rawk Labs
Vtopian Artisan Cheeses

Have fun exploring and sampling the new flavors! 

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