Vegan MoFo Week Three Round Up

Vegan MoFo Week Three Round Up
This is more like the fourth week round up, but who’s counting! Oops! I finished the month off with the sweet stuff and all things desserts.

​The pudding and the strawberry bruschetta were definitely a hit (and some of my favorites too!).
The strawberry bruschetta was actually posted during beverage week, but it was because there was a Vegan MoFo Picnic theme and I couldn’t pass that up!

Day 21 – Strawberry Bruschetta
I lightly toast slices of a New Cascadia gluten-free baguette and dice strawberries before leaving for the picnic. During the picnic, I spread a small amount of vegan cream cheese on the toasted baguette, top it with the diced strawberries, and drizzle them with a little bee-free honey (there are several brands on the market now). Part snack, part breakfast, and part dessert. Plus they are delicious!

Strawberry Bruschetta
Day 23 – Fruit Skewers with a Vanilla Cashew Cream Sauce (day 22 was another beverage post)
​I used strawberries, apples, pears, cherries, and blueberries for the skewers. For the cream sauce, I soaked cashew in warm water for a while and then drained them. I then blended them with a little water (you can use nondairy milk too!) with agave and vanilla. You can drizzle the sauce over the skewers or use it for dipping.

Fruit Skewers with a Vanilla Cashew Cream Sauce
Day 24 – ​Cocoa Date Bites! <– Click the link for the recipe!
​These only require a few ingredients and can be easily changed to create new flavors. The base recipe is dates, cocoa powder, pinch of salt, vanilla, and a raw nut of your choice (I use walnuts). The food processor does most of the work! After they are made and formed, you can eat them as is, rolled it coconut or cocoa powder. I need to try adding a freeze dried strawberry powder too!

Cocoa Date Bites
Day 25 – Chocolate Pudding <– Click the link for the recipe!
his is probably one of my favorite picnic desserts! It is so easy too! Blend 6 dates and a box of firm silken tofu until creamy and the dates are completely broken down. Then add 1/2 cup of melted chocolate chips and blended again until everything is throughly incorporated and smooth. Let it chill in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. And that is it!

Easy Chocolate Pudding
Day 26 – Big Bowl of Fruit
I love taking fresh fruit for desserts to picnics, especially during the summer! I usually pit the cherries before leaving and almost always have cut up watermelon on hand during the summer months. Not to mention fresh peaches and plums! Have you tried donut peaches?

Big Bowl of Fruit
Day 27 – Donut
Donuts make a great dessert for picnics (or to add to a breakfast/brunch picnic). Especially, if you live in the Portland, Oregon area and can grab one from Doe Donuts! This is one of their seasonal flavors – cannoli!

Doe Donuts – Cannoli Flavor
Day 28 – S’more
Last, but not least, the mighty s’more! This does require having some type of fire, but many picnic sites allow some type of controllable flame source (like a small propane grill) or there are grills to use at the location.

What is your favorite picnic dessert?

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