Vegan MoFo – Day 3!

Vegan MoFo – Day 3!


It is Day 3 of Vegan MoFo! Today’s theme is to make something for an inspirational leader or world leader. Several people came to mind including Martin Luther King, Jr., Cesar Chavez, Jane Goodall, and even Cory Booker! I would love to cook and share a meal with any one of them. 

Jane Goodall’s work and activism have always been a huge inspiration to me. She recognized, early on in her work, about animal emotions, feelings, and empathy. I would love to sit down to share a meal and talk to her for hours. 

With that in mind, I think this Mini Lemon Cookie Tart would be a perfect way to end the meal. I didn’t create this recipe, but I took different recipes and combined them into one fabulous dessert! 

Recipes I used:

I made the cookies in a small muffin/tart that has removable disc bottoms. The cookies were a little tricky since they are they fluff up, but I was able to press them back into the mold halfway through the baking time. I pressed them into a little cup shape before baking and then pressed them back down halfway through the bake. I wish I would have used parchment paper or sprayed the pan because most of them stuck! 

After the cookies cooled, I filled them with about 1 teaspoon of lemon filling and piped on the meringue using a pastry bag. Then, I pulled out my little kitchen torch and browned the meringue.  

They were sweet, tart, and a little sassy…kind of like me! 

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