Vegan Lifestyle Coaching​

Vegan Lifestyle Coaching​

Are you interested in transitioning or learning more about a vegan lifestyle? Living a vegan lifestyle goes beyond food and cooking, to include cruelty-free household, toiletries, and beauty products, as well as clothing. This coaching is similar to the solutionary lifestyle coaching that I provide; however, this is tailored specially to living a vegan lifestyle.

What would a session look like?

Our first session will be a consultation where I will get a better understanding of your goals and desired outcomes (consultations are always complimentary). I will develop a custom plan to meet your needs. It could include general coaching and discussion questions, taking inventory of your current products/pantry, and to see where more cruelty-free products could fit in, culinary coaching sessions, grocery store, and general shopping outings, or even a visit to a farmed animal sanctuary. ​

What we will cover:

  • Food, including a trip to the grocery store
  • Vegan options while eating out
  • Beer & wine
  • Pantry items
  • Organic and fair-trade products
  • Cooking & baking techniques
  • Clothing and closet items
  • Household items
  • Beauty products
  • Entertainment
  • Culture & language
  • Labels
  • Companion animals
  • Widening your circles of compassion


​I offer in-person and virtual sessions to individuals, families, and/or groups. Pricing starts at $30 per session for virtual and $45 per session for in-person. I also offer custom packages and pricing.

Everyone is welcome, and there is no judgment about where you are on your path or where you are going. I am here to support you through every phase. You will find that I am very open, honest, and easy-going. Contact me for your complimentary session or if you have any questions!

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