Un-Refried Black Beans

Un-Refried Black Beans


I love, love the Instant Pot and use it at least once or twice a week to make some type of beans. Lately, I have been cooking either black beans or pinto beans and then turning them into “refried” beans. I use the quotes, because they do not contain any oil and haven’t been fried, but they are smooth and creamy like refried beans. I haven’t decided which type of bean I like better, but I am leaning towards black beans. My husband prefers the pinto beans.

It sounds odd, but I basically overcook the beans so they are plump and very tender. I don’t soak the beans either. I throw them in the IP dry, along with a few spices. I like to use a little cumin, corinader, garlic powder, and onion powder. 


Once they are cooked, I drain them, reserving a little cooking liquid and about ⅓ cup of whole beans, and then blend them using a hand blender or by placing them in the food processor. Add the reserved cooking liquid as need to keep them smooth, but not runny.

​I also add salt to taste and the juice of 2 limes (depending on the juice and how juicy they are).

After they are smooth, I add the reserved whole beans and mix everything with a spoon. I dare you not to try the beans as you do this. I swear half of the beans just disappear at this point for me 🙂

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