The Art of Solutionaries

The Art of Solutionaries

PictureA friend I made on a recent Artist Date

I recently started reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, and taking myself on artist’s dates. The dates are a way to fill your creative tank and find inspiration for ideas, projects, or to help with a creative block. I’ve only been on a few dates with myself, but I find that I am thinking more about creative projects, culinary experiments, and writing ideas.

​I have also been turning to my fellow solutionaries, humane educators, activists for inspiration, and how they bring art into their life. I find that so many of us have creative outlets and find ways to bring creativity into our work. I’ve met songwriters, painters, writers, guitar players, photographers, chefs, and more! I love that we each have our way of expressing creativity and at the same time, bettering the world.

I first met Kristine Tucker in 2016 when I took Writing for Social Change as an elective, and she was the instructor. She was also my thesis adviser in 2018 as I completed my thesis and degree requirements. Above all, she became a great friend! For one of her creative outlets, she paints. She paints what she feels and listens to her intuition to let her know when her painting is complete. Here is a picture of one of her latest paintings…isn’t it beautiful! She also started a blog, Heart-Centered Expressions by KC, that you can check out to see more paintings and writings.


Painted by Kristine Tucker
Another friend Julie, who I also met while working on my thesis (Kris was a thesis adviser to both of us), is the comedic mastermind behind Go Jules Go. It is a hilarious blog about her life with adorable pictures of her dog, Uncle Jesse! Trust me, do yourself a favor and check her blog, and her new venture The Vegan Dollar.


Go Jules Go Blog
I can’t talk about creativity without mentioning my husband, Steven. He has been a musician for most of his life. When he isn’t running, you will find a guitar in his hands as his creative outlet. He released two albums and continues to play, plus finds ways to incorporate humane education into his music. ​


Photo from the Institute for Humane Education

You don’t have to look far to see how solutionaries, humane educators, and activists merge their creativity with their work – from Instagram to magazines, to cooking​, to music, to writing.

How do you express your creativity? Do you have a favorite activity or secret desire? I’ve always had a secret desire to sing, but let’s keep that between us for now 🙂

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