Peanut Butter and Blueberry Smoothie

By Kristy Draper / March 20, 2019 /

​Are you a fan of peanut butter and jelly? Then this is the smoothie combination for you! It has the right amount peanut flavor to blueberry, and entirely reminiscent of that favorite childhood sandwich!  If the truth is to be told, I don’t like PB&J sandwiches that much! I loved them as a kid, but…

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Basic Vegan Cheese Sauce

By Kristy Draper / March 13, 2019 /

There are countless ways to make a vegan cheese sauce. You can use vegetables, nuts, or commercially available vegan cheese shreds to create a creamy and delicious sauce. I love experimenting with different base ingredients; in fact, roasted butternut squash is still one of my favorite base ingredients for a cheese sauce, but has been…

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Best of February….

By Kristy Draper / March 7, 2019 /

February was full of many delicious meals, and most were extremely simple to make! I know these are not actual recipes, but these are ideas for you to use in your meal planning.​Plus I will be developing some of these recipes and adding to the site soon! All of these meals happen to be gluten-free…

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Cocoa Date Bites

By Kristy Draper / February 27, 2019 /

I love these easy dessert bites! I make them about once a month for me and Steve to have in the evenings, or to take to parties or potlucks. They are easy to make and are a great snack when I am craving something sweet. I have made them using different nuts, but I recently…

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Un-Refried Black Beans

By Kristy Draper / February 19, 2019 /

I love, love the Instant Pot and use it at least once or twice a week to make some type of beans. Lately, I have been cooking either black beans or pinto beans and then turning them into “refried” beans. I use the quotes, because they do not contain any oil and haven’t been fried,…

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Chickpea Salad

By Kristy Draper / February 14, 2019 /

Chickpea salad is one of the easiest meals that I make, and it is packed with protein. ​I didn’t eat much seafood before transitioning to a vegan, except for the occasional tuna salad sandwich. My mom always made the best tuna salad, but I found it was pretty simple to make it vegan just by switching…

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Gingerbread  Cookies from Naturally Sweet Vegan Treats

By Kristy Draper / November 19, 2018 /

I have fond memories of gingerbread cookies. As a youngster, my kindergarten class learned how to make gingerbread men cookies, and then they mysteriously took off on an adventure through the school! ​We went on a scavenger hunt throughout the school looking for them using the clues they left behind at each stop. It took…

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Pumpkin  Spice  Pumpkin  Pancakes from Naturally Sweet Vegan Treats

By Kristy Draper / November 15, 2018 /

I love all things pumpkin this time of the year (yes, I am one of those people). Even though I eat pumpkin year round, I have a nostalgic feeling while cooking or baking around this time.  I love this recipe in Naturally Sweet Vegan Treats by Marisa Alvarsson for Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin Pancakes. Even more so…

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Veggie Patch Brownies from Naturally Sweet Vegan Treats

By Kristy Draper / November 6, 2018 /

The folks at Page Street Publishing have been releasing some great vegan cookbooks lately! One of their latest, Naturally Sweet Vegan Treats by Marisa Alvarsson is no exception.  I love baking and all things dessert related, but there are many times where I want a treat that is not too sweet or too heavy. Plus…

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Conscious Living Recipes

By Kristy Draper / September 29, 2018 /

​I thought we could take a mini-break now that we are halfway through the 100 Conscious Living tips so I could share some vegan-friendly recipes with you. I have always loved cooking and baking but found my creativity in the kitchen soared after I became a vegan.  I felt limited in my food before, but…

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