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Vegan Month of Food! 

I am participating in the Vegan Month of Food!Each day in November I will be writing, cooking,​and sharing a new dish, recipe, restaurant, or food idea that is related to the daily theme. Follow along and follow the hash tags #veganmofo and #vgnmf16 to see posts from awesome bloggers around the world! You can also…

Tofu. Cows. Deforestation.

​Soy is part of my diet. Whether I am eating air fried lemon pepper tofu, soy curl tacos, tempeh bacon sandwiches, or using soymilk in my lattes. Soy has been a staple ingredient for many cultures for eons. Soybeans are cheap to grow, a great source of protein, and can be formed into countless culinary…

Cows, pigs, goats…oh, my!

​​Cows, pigs, goats…oh, my! Those are just a few of the animals we were able to visit while at the Farm Sanctuary. During our road trip to Maine, we were able to stop at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glens, NY on the way home to learn about the sanctuary and the many residents.   We took…

A one-week intensive residency, 7,000 miles, 20 states, and a lifetime of memories

​I just returned from a week-long residency program in Surry, Maine. Call it a residency, call it adult summer camp, or call it a retreat…it was 20+ humane educators (most of us in training)  from around the world coming together for one week for an intensive learning experience. Residency is part of the master’s degree…

Creating labels

I’m vegan. I love kale, quinoa, and legumes. I drink green smoothies and make my own peanut butter. My clothes are free from animals, with the exception of cute images of pigs and cows. My makeup and household products were not created with the use of animals or tested on animals. I embrace and embody…

The Taiji Dolphin Hunt and Me

Every year from September to April, thousands of dolphins are driven into a small cove in Taiji, Japan to either be captured and sold or slaughtered.  The dolphins are herded together and pushed into the cove by using loud noises and motorboats to disorient them. Once herded together, dolphin trainers descend upon them to select…

What is a VegfulLife?

VegfulLife is a new blog about what it means to live a plentiful and abundant life.  It is about the way we eat, think, act, communicate, interact, and live with the planet and every living being around us.  It is about how we can take small and easy steps to live a compassionate and humane…

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