Kristy Draper

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Black Lives Matter (and are needed in the Publishing Industry)

By Kristy Draper / June 8, 2020 /

I am writing today with a heavy but optimistic heart. The recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and Tony McDade, are just a few of the many Black lives that have been taken in the long history of systemic racism, oppression, and killing of Black people in the United States and across…

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Live Consciously While Social Distancing

By Kristy Draper / April 9, 2020 /

Hello friends. How are you all doing? So much has happened in the past month, and part of me isn’t sure where to begin. I’m sure like all you, I’ve had so many thoughts and emotions running through me the past few weeks. My husband and I are safe and well in Vancouver, WA, but…

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A Weekend in Phoenix

By Kristy Draper / February 20, 2020 /

I recently spent a long weekend in the Phoenix area. My husband and I went because he was running the Mesa Marathon on February 8th. I’ve only spent a few hours in Phoenix before this trip. In August 2015, we drove through Phoenix during a road trip from Austin, TX to Seattle, WA, where we…

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Veganuary and beyond!

By Kristy Draper / January 31, 2020 /

Veganuary 2020 is almost over! Did you participate this year? If so, was it your first time, and what did you think? I will celebrate my sixth vegan anniversary (a.k.a veganniversary) this year, but I still enjoy participating in Veganuary events. I find it stimulating to meet new people who are curious about a vegan…

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One Last Call for Summer

By Kristy Draper / September 23, 2019 /

Happy Fall! Even though I am excited about the fall, I had a fantastic summer. One of the last adventures I had to close out the summer was a whale and wildlife sightseeing cruise from Anacortes, Washington. It did not disappoint! We saw seventeen orca whales, one humpback whale (the largest humpback whale I have…

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Vegan MoFo Week Three Round Up

By Kristy Draper / August 28, 2019 /

This is more like the fourth week round up, but who’s counting! Oops! I finished the month off with the sweet stuff and all things desserts. ​The pudding and the strawberry bruschetta were definitely a hit (and some of my favorites too!). The strawberry bruschetta was actually posted during beverage week, but it was because…

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Vegan MoFo Picnic Dessert Week!

By Kristy Draper / August 27, 2019 /

​ It is picnic desserts week, and last week, for Vegan MoFo! I hope the daily posts on Instagram and the round-ups here on the blog have inspired you to track down a great picnic spot and have a relaxing meal. Even though the month is coming to an end, I will continue posting about…

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Vegan MoFo Week Two Round Up!

By Kristy Draper / August 20, 2019 /

I can’t believe we are already 20 days into Vegan MoFo! I finished out the second week of MoFo with more picnic snacks and sides and moved into week three, where I made drinks to carry along to your next picnic. The Maple Hickory Roasted Almonds were by far one of the best snacks I…

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Vegan MoFo Week One Round Up!

By Kristy Draper / August 12, 2019 /

​Twelve days into Vegan MoFo 2019 already! ​It has been fun thinking up ideas for picnics and posting about them every day. I started the month off with Picnic Mains for the first week and then moved into side dishes and snacks. A few of my highlights, including this delectable Cranberry Bliss Bar, have been…

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Cheesy Crackers for a Snack Mix

By Kristy Draper / August 12, 2019 /

I made the cheesy crackers a few times because I was testing different gluten-free flour blends to see which one I liked best. Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 was the best one I have tried so far. I was also testing different fats to see which one worked better in the dough. Ultimately, vegan butter had…

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