A Friendly Fourth

A Friendly Fourth

PictureBeyond Meat Burger

​The Fourth of July and all of the celebrations are only a few days away! Family gatherings, outings with friends, BBQs (vegan, of course), and splashing in the pool are great ways to celebrate.
​I have spent many Fourth of Julys poolside, next to a BBQ grill, or spending the day at a park.  I found over the years how to incorporate many friendlier options into my celebrations.

  • Turn the BBQ into a vegan gathering! Most vegans are thrilled to find a reason to celebrate vegan food (and then talk about vegan food while eating)! For a classic holiday cookout, Beyond Meat burgers and sausage make a great BBQ option, as well as Lightlife Hot Dogs – all of which are gluten-free!  Tofu No-Egg Salad and Cherry Limeade Mousse also make a great addition to your vegan-friendly table.


BBQ Tofu


Cherry Limeade Mousse


Tofu No-Egg Salad


Playing with light and photography! This is the moon, shot with a long exposure time and movement!
  • Get crafty with second-hand finds! Thrift stores and yard sales always have great bargains on crafty items and decorations. Browse the aisles or hit up the yard sales in your area to get your creative energy flowing to create decorations for your party! Door wreaths, hand-sewn napkins (another way to introduce reusable napkins), party games, or even serving dishes can be fun and inexpensive to make. Plus, when using second-hand materials, you are saving valuable earth resources from having to create new items and avoiding excess waste!

​These are just a few ways to have a friendlier Fourth of July celebration!

I would love to hear your ideas and how you celebrate the Fourth of July or any summer celebrations!

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